Legal Graduate Recruitment – 10 Reasons It’s For You

If you’ve never thought about a career in law before, then perhaps you might do soon.

Here are 10 reasons you should.

1. The legal profession is a good one to be in, and whilst it’s very traditional in some respects, as society and technology is constantly changing. Who would have thought that the internet or personal injury claims would bring about so many legal cases?

2. No matter what happens in the future, solicitors will always be needed, whether you’re buying a house, starting a business or getting divorced.

3. There are lots of opportunities to progress your career, and you might even become the partner of a law firm. You might decide to specialize in a very niche area, and become a real expert in your field.

4. Many law firms will insist that new trainees try different areas of law, so that they get a good idea as to what’s involved. The cases handled by a Property Solicitor are very different to those handled by a Divorce Solicitor or a Construction Solicitor.

5. You might not have thought about all the areas of law that a firm might specialize in. If you’re not attracted to criminal law, property law, or family law, what about education law, employment law, construction law or even banking and finance law?

6. You might want to help others, so that they don’t suffer the same sort of experience that you went through, or want to share your vast knowledge and considerable experience, gained by working in a specific industry.

7. If you’ve got an inquisitive mind, and an excellent eye for facts and details then perhaps you’ll think about becoming a solicitor, and perhaps focusing on an area of criminal law.

8. Legal cases are often varied and there might be involved in some extremely exciting cases. Maybe you’ll represent an innocent person in an high profile case, or help a school to gain funding, or obtain compensation for somebody severely injured in an accident.

9. As a solicitor you will always be learning, and keeping up with the latest legal news and changes to laws, so that you are in the best position to be able to represent your clients properly, and give them the service that they deserve.

10. Depending on your personality and the area of law you specialize in, you’ll find it very enjoyable, and with excellent prospects and pay, with lots of opportunities for your to improve your knowledge, and become better at your job.

Now you more about the different reasons people become solicitors, perhaps it’s time for you to see why Legal Graduate Recruitment could change your career and your life.